One Rate - $20

What's Included: - Custom Designed Website - Hosting for Site and Online Ordering - Unlimited Orders No limit on the number of orders your customers can submit on your website. - Unlimited Electronic Order Notification (Fast) No transaction fees if you choose to receive Online Order notifications via Netbistros' reliable and super-fast electronic messaging - Fax Notification (Simple) This is the only transaction fee Netbistros will charge you. But we don't even want your money for this service, we'd prefer you choose our electronic notification system for its increased speed and reliability. We understand this is an easy method of order retrieval for our customers so we're happy to provide it! - Customer Accounts Feature Account-holding customers will have the convenience of customizing single-click orders so they can simply log in and place their usual order in a matter of seconds. Makes online ordering from Mobile Phones super easy! - Reports and Analytics Quickly and Easily Identify your Top customers and keep them coming back for more with Netbistros Reports

How it Works

** Credit Card Merchant Account and Credit Card Payment Gateway fees may apply if customer chooses to accept credit card transactions on Online Orders. These fees are neither originated nor set by Netbistros and are paid directly to Merchant Account and Payment Gateway providers. In accordance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulation, Netbistros does NOT store (decrypted nor encrypted) any credit card information in our databases. Netbistros securely transmits directly to an approved payment gateway processor via secure encrypted communication for the protection of your customers' payment information.
Restaurants should be aware that it is a violation of PCI rules to transmit customer credit card information in clear text via fax. We recommend restaurants steer clear of Online Ordering vendors offering these types of order transmissions.

If you're currently paying a commission per order, then you're paying an arm and a leg. If you're paying more than $20/month, then you're probably paying at least a foot.

Netbistros vs The Others

Considering a company that charges "only" commission for their online ordering service?
Have a look at our chart to see why that's a terrible idea. After only 300 orders processed, we could save you up to $1,000 in one month!

logo v. The Competition

See how Netbistros One Rate of $20/month compares to commission-based online ordering companies. (*figures based on avg order total of $35)
# of Orders
$20 One Rate
Company A
(10% Comm.)
Company B
(15% Comm.)
100 / Month 20 350 525
300 / Month 20 1050 1575
500 / Month 20 1750 2625