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How it Works

Paper to Online...

Step 1. Tell Us what You want
After you (restaurant owner/representative) have contacted Netbistros, you will meet either face-to-face or over the phone with your assigned point of contact (POC). Your Netbistros POC will gather information about your restaurant and how you would like your Netbistros site to work. This information includes:

  • what are the goals of your website?
  • how you would like your site to look and feel?
  • Restaurant specific details (i.e. hours of operation, times when Online Ordering should be available, your delivery radius, delivery charge, order waiting time, fax number, etc.)

Step 2. Create a Game-Plan to optimize your new website's effectiveness
Your Netbistros POC will share your feedback, your restaurant's information and takeout menu (if available) with the Netbistros design and development team. At this time we can also schedule photo shoots for images of your restaurant, menu items, etc. for display in your new website.
The Netbistros team will produce a prototype site for your to try out first before your customers.

Step 3. Going "Live"
Your site has at this point been tested and approved by all involved parties: Netbistros, you and your restaurant staff. Your staff is familiar with the protocol for receiving online orders.
You are now ready to "Go Live" and open your restaurant to the world, virtually. We will tie your Netbistros site to your domain name (i.e. "www.[your web address].com") and your site will officially be "Live".

Finally - Promote and Advertise
Promoting your site. We recommend you notify your customers of your new Online Ordering website by any means. One easy and popular method is to announce your Online Ordering capabilities and web address on your takeout menu. Netbistros offers the capability of running a limited time "Grand Opening Special" where customers can receive a discount by submitting their orders online. Your Netbistros POC is available to help recommend more ways to promote your new Netbistros website.


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