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About Netbistros

The creators of Netbistros were programmers with big appetites that never left their computers. They ordered take-out for almost every meal, but found it very inconvenient to search through messy piles of take-out menus. So they set off to design a feature-rich Online Menu system for their favorite restaurants to simplify the ordering process for both restaurants and their customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable and user-friendly Online Ordering systems at a fair cost.
How it Works

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile...

Mobile smart devices are growing more popular every day and are keeping their owners connected to the web beyond their household and workplace. Netbistros' Online Ordering system was designed and tested to work on the most popular devices and screen sizes. Our interfaces are user-friendly and optimized for every device size - our Quick-Cart feature enable customers to very quickly submit an order on their mobile device with just a few touches of their touch-screen. That's just one of the many ways we keep our products smart and simple.

The Online Order Lifecycle

Step 1:
A user-friendly, easy and convenient online ordering system creates happy and repeat customers. They can place an order at your restaurant through their computer or smart phone; from their home, office, car … anywhere.

Step 2:
Customers can view your entire menu, complete with visually appealing custom graphics, easy-to-read text and quick links. Your customers can also view your specials, upcoming events, new menu items, etc.

Step 3:
Customers can browse and quickly select items in real-time, no waiting for a page to reload.

Step 4:
Customers transmit orders to your restaurant. Customers can place an entire order in just seconds. They can create an account outlining custom orders, payment and delivery/pick-up information for easy retrieval on future visits.

Step 5:
Restaurant fulfills orders. Your restaurant receives the orders immediately; food is prepared and ready for pick-up or delivery.

Step 6:
Food is delivered or picked-up. Customers can use your convenient online pre-payment system and simply receive their food at time of pick-up or delivery.

Step 7:
Happy Customers. A quick and easy online ordering system means happy and return customers.

How it Works